If You Plant a Meadow of Wild Flowers, Tom Cruise Will Come

by guestofaguest · January 7, 2008

    Tom Cruise Scientology

    Sure we've all heard various accounts of Tom Cruise and his involvement with The Church of Scientology. There is the standard auditing with and E-meter, the supposed silent birth of Suri, and now Andrew Morton claims that Cruise is the de facto Number 2 in the church. So who does Number 2 work for? David Miscavige of course, the leader of the Church.

    So how did The Church entice Cruise to join? Simple, they indulged his whims by planting a meadow of wild flowers.

    "When Tom confided to the Scientology leader about the couple's fantasy of running through a meadow of wild flowers together, his friend apparently decided to make his dream come true.

    "A team of 20 Sea Org disciples was set to work digging, hoeing, and planting wheat grass and wildflower seed near the Cruises' bungalow.

    "Naturally the work was regularly inspected by David and Shelley Miscavige [his wife], who would ride over to the site on his motorbike. They were apparently unhappy with the finished appearance and had the area ploughed over and reseeded."

    [Daily Mail]

    Who knew it would be so easy?