A Gluten-Free Italian Restaurant Is Opening In NYC

by Stephanie Maida · August 24, 2017

    With the fancy fare openings of abcV and NIX, and hey, even the spattering of by CHLOEs all around, the vegans in this city are spoiled. The ignored middle child (a.k.a. untapped market) of the picky eating bunch? Our Gluten-Free folk, of course. Well, that's about to change.

    If you're tired of surviving on bunless burgers and half-assed GF menu replacements, you may want to mark your calendar for September 12th, the current opening date of Tali & Tali Dolce, an Italian heaven for the celiacs (and health nuts) among us. 

    Tali (a take on "Italian") apparently won't have an ounce of gluten in the place, which includes a bar, bakery, and ice cream shop (that's where the "dolce" comes in). According to Eater, diners can expect dishes like yellow squash ravioli, Meyer lemon spaghetti, paninis, and pastries. And yes, even all the booze is free of gluten.

    Write all thank you notes to the guy behind it, Chef Harold Dieterle.

    Tali & Tali Dolce, 77 Lexington Avenue

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