A Puppy Café Is Coming To NYC

by Millie Moore · July 25, 2017

    If traveling to Turks and Caicos to soak up the sun while playing with puppers on puppy island isn't in the cards for you right now, fear not because there's a puppy café coming to the city!

    For some godforsaken reason, it's frowned upon to bring dogs wherever you go because apparently nature's most perfect creation is somehow a threat to sanitation laws and is considered a nuisance. If that's the case, then why do you let people drink alcohol to the point where they are a threat to sanitation laws and are considered nuisances as well? Shit makes no sense. But we digress.

    Boris and Horton is a new eatery opening up in the East Village and it's extra special because you can bring your dog. We mean, could you think of a better date than man's (or woman's) best friend? We think not! There will be an assortment of pastries, savory sandwiches, and beverages - ya know, a quintessential café carte du jour. But did we mention there's a "lounging area" for your puppy pals and a photo booth as well? 

    The café should open their doors by December, which is perfect timing because it'll be too chilly to bring your dogs to the dog park! We're totally obsessed with this idea, and we think it may be our new go to eatery instead of Eleven Madison Park because who cares about being "world renowned" when there's a place filled with PUPPIES?!

    [Photo via @ralphiethecockapoo]