The Former Freds At Barneys Chef Is Serving Up The Staples At His New Restaurant

by Stephanie Maida · November 23, 2020

    The only thing we miss more than a shopping excursion at Barneys? The effortlessly chic vibe, and classic bites, of a lunchtime stop at Freds. Now, thanks to beloved chef Mark Strausman, best known for helming the Freds at Barneys kitchen through the years, a taste of our favorites are quite literally back on the menu. 

    This month he debuted his namesake new eatery, Mark's Off Madison, a slightly more relaxed, but no less stylish, spot that has his loyal patrons celebrating - albeit a bit farther downtown than they might be used to.

    Decked out with sleek wood-accented interiors, plush seating, and a timeless, diner-esque bagel and bakery counter, the restaurant, located a stone's throw from Madison Square Park, can seat up to 100 inside at full capacity, and is also presently set up for outdoor dining.

    Most importantly though, it's serving up all of Strausman's staples we fell in love with at Freds, from the famous Belgian fries to Estelle's Chicken Soup to the chopped chicken salad. The self-described "Jewish Boy From Queens" (yes, that sandwich is also on the menu), is tapping into his roots with additional offerings like challah french toast, a smoked fish platter, and, of course, bagels and lox. Pizza, pasta, and yep, that grass-fed burger are all available, too. It's a 2020 miracle!

    Mark's Off Madison, 41 Madison Ave.

    [Photos via Alex Staniloff]