Artichoke Team To Open Coney Island Dessert Counter "Led Zeppole"

by JESSE O'NEILL · March 13, 2009

    While the winter chill has temporarily reduced the lines at their pizza joint, Artichoke, Francis and Sal have had some time to think up their next smash hit….and this time they have their eye on dessert. They will open “Led Zeppole” two doors east of Artichoke just in time for Spring. The dessert stand with pay true homage to the Coney Island staples like home-made italian ice, soft-serve ice cream, assorted Italian desserts, and of course fried Zeppole made to order.

    Just don’t be so quick to label Francis and Sal for English metal-heads. In explanation of the name, Francis recalls how their Grandmother described the heavily fried dough to fill your stomach like “lead”.

    And since East Villagers are used to standing in lines, the space will push a counter plush to the sidewalk. The Boys plan to assemble a prize wheel where patrons can take their chance at free treats. Their opening should be nothing short of a carnival….so perhaps now we can do away with San Gennaro?