A Bellini Tree!?! Brace Yourself, Bad Roman's Brunch Is About To Take Over Your Feed

by Guest of A Guest · July 27, 2023

    Bad Roman - home of the oozing ravioli that launched a thousand Instagrams and made people actually consider going to Columbus Circle... at night... on purpose - is finally giving the foodie masses what they really want, brunch.

    Launching this weekend, the Italian American showstopper spot's new brunch menu spot is pulling out all the stops.

    There's an Avocado Toast with stracciatella, tomatoes and basil, styled à la the Italian flag.

    There's a Brioche French Toast log topped with dollops of blueberry conserva, lemon cream and sprinkled with pistachios.

    There's a homemade Nutella situation that'll have you mashing up hazelnuts in a mortar and pestle, smearing your spread onto bread strips and piling on fresh raspberries and candies as you please.

    I mean for god's sake there's a fucking Bellini tree! 

    A tiered fountain of Prosecco- filled coupes with white peach, grapefruit or strawberry - take your pick! 

    These guys are clearly not messing around when it comes to their penchant for all things flashy and theatrical.

    A feast for the eyes, no doubt about it.

    [Photos courtesy Bad Roman]