Best "See And Be Seen" Brunch?

by Rachelle Hruska · October 28, 2008

    This morning, I popped over to Essentially Emily to see what she was essentially discussing.  All I really got out of her post on the NY Post was Nello and Carlyle. While reading the Post at one, she had this to say about the other:

    "And how about this week’s ‘100 Best Brunch Spots’ feature? The Carlyle for ‘best see-and-be-seen brunch’ on the UES?  Are you kidding me? I go to the Carlyle all the time and guess why? Not to be seen! Most of the people there are older than my parents."

    Emily Brill, taking on the "authoritative voice" of the UES, seems to know it all about where to brunch.  If I had to choose above 50th street, it would be Aquavit.  Their Sweedish Smörgåsbord would woo even my Scandanavian grandparents to finally visit me. Or maybe order a bowl of tomato soup from Sarabeths. But where does the city's "be and be seen" crowd eat their grub on weekend brunches?  Merkato 55? Wallse? Pastis? Balthazar? Freemans? Bowery Hotel? Is Felix's still hot for the Euros?  I want to know.  Where do you go?