Avocaderia: The World's First Avocado Bar Is Opening In Brooklyn

by Christie Grimm · April 6, 2017

    Oh what a time to be alive. Monday April 10th, Brooklyn's newest and best joke of an establishment, Avocaderia, will open its doors to hoards of food trend chasers. As if there weren't enough places to line up for food in the greater New York area...

    All the same, the one fruit all day restaurant (because yeah, remember avocados are fruits?!) will be serving up toasts (because, duh), salads (okay, bit of a lazy choice), bowls (not gonna knock it), and smoothies (not uninteresting). And while the exact menu hasn't been released to the anxious public to parse through hungrily on their computers, the restaurant's website is bent on communicating one thing: avocados are healthy and will make you skinny and live forever.

    Okay, so not exactly in those words, but really, take a scroll through and tell me that I'm that far off from the message.

    Also, side note. But if it's taken this long for there to be an avocado bar in the world, like, do we maybe think that it's not because of a lack of innovative culinary thinking, and maybe just because it's a slightly unsustainable business concept?

    Eh, but what do I know! Though seriously, if this news rings as a life changing tune to your ears, you've seriously got to sort out your priorities.

    [Photo via @ashley.richardson]