Celebrity-Favorite Pizza Joint Lucali Debuts A New, More Casual Slice Shop

by Stephanie Maida · July 26, 2021

    No matter where you stand in the Great Pizza Debate that defines New York City, there's no denying that a pie from Lucali is high up on everyone's list for a reason. The Carroll Gardens mainstay is the stuff of pizza legend, its allure so powerful that even the most over-it of locals will shamelessly wait hours for a table. The fact that they might run into Beyoncé, a famous regular, is of no great import - they're there for the pizza.

    Unlike most of the city's most beloved pizza joints, Lucali has never done things by the slice - until now.

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    Allow us to introduce Baby Luc's, a much-hyped new extension of the Lucali name from restaurateur and pizzaiolo Mark Iacono. Located just a few blocks away from the original, the fast-casual slice shop is finally giving foodies the chance to snag some coveted wood-fired perfection to-go, although you'll probably still have to get there early and prepare to wait a while. On its first few nights of operations, the spot was limiting orders to the first 100 customers - and sold out in just two hours. 

    While we're still waiting for more information on its permanent menu and opening hours, we do know that Baby Luc's will also be stepping away from Lucali's BYOB model by offering boozy sips, like bottled negronis, alongside its slices. Cheers to that!

    Baby Luc's, 387 Court Street, Brooklyn

    [Photo via @mollytavoletti]