Chef Chloe Coscarelli Has The Last Word On By CHLOE Drama

by Stephanie Maida · September 10, 2021

    Ironically enough, it's dog-eat-dog out in the vegan food world. Case in point? The years-long shitshow that's been happening behind the scenes at beloved vegan restaurant chain By CHLOE. 

    A quick refresher on the plant-based drama? Star chef Chloe Coscarelli co-founded the fast-casual favorite which literally bore her name in 2015, was forced out of the company in 2017, hit back with lawsuits against ESquared hospitality group, finally regained her part of ownership, and then - poof - the chain declared bankruptcy in December 2020.

    Since then, the eatery was acquired by new owners and, this summer, began its official rebrand as "Beatnic" (an homage to the beatnik movement and By CHLOE's Greenwich Village roots) with new menu items including a Hot "Chicky" Sandwich and a Toasted S’mores Bar.

    As for what Chef Chloe thinks about the end of her brainchild's very fraught era? 

    Well, she took to Instagram this week to have the last word."... stroke="none" stroke-width="1" fill="none" fill-rule="evenodd">
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