Chef Puts Wife's Breast Milk On Chelsea Restaurant Menu

by BILLY GRAY · March 9, 2010

    Yuppie parents in New York have made their presence felt in many ways: stroller rage, dragging their brats into bars where no one else wants them, being loud. Now, in addition to being seen and heard, they can be tasted, as mother's milk (literally) makes its way on to a Manhattan restaurant menu. -

    Daniel Angerer (I'd say the name is appropriate under the circumstances) is letting...adventurous customers at his Chelsea restaurant Klee Brasserie sample his wife Lori's nipple tipple. And, as with so many things, blogs are ultimately to blame for the misstep. Says the Post:

    "After blogging about his efforts with the human cheese, customers started demanding a sample.'The phone was ringing off the hook. So I prepared a little canapé of breast-milk cheese with figs and Hungarian pepper.'"

    I just don't know. This generation of parents--able to stay in New York due to its transformation into the kind of Westchester-esque affluent suburb (have you seen Columbus Avenue in the 70s lately?) urban parents once fled to--deserve to be shipped all the way to Saugerties just so we never have to deal with them again.

    It's almost like the idea of being "pioneers" who've rediscovered the benefits of raising spawn in NYC has convinced them they're the first parents to walk the Earth (see: mommy: blogs, message boards, reality shows). A trip to the American Museum of Natural History (with their tots, of course!) might be in order.

    For now, I wonder if terrified, health-conscious sanctimommies will be able to enjoy their rack snack with a glass of wine. Maybe in the third trimester? Or before a public pump and dump session while breastfeeding their own babies?

    [Note: This is not a piece from The Onion. Nor is it April 1st.]