Does Bar Martignetti's Have A Case Of The Recession Blues?


    Towards the end of January, we reported on the closing of Bar Martignetti's, our neighborhood joint on Broome street with the downtown Dorrian's (Southside) in the basement.  We decided to check in on the place today, which was supposed to be reopening "in a few weeks" according to the sign posted on its doors on Jan 28th.  And what did we find? Not much.  Take a look for yourself at the progress of the place.  Perhaps Anthony Martignetti has his hands full with all of the ruckus downstairs, or maybe they are spending their time worrying about the rumored location out east they are opening this summer?  Or, maybe, just maybe, they have a case of the recession blues like the rest of us.

    In any event, whatever happened to those ambitious "plans" Martignetti told Grubstreet about a few months ago is anyone's guess. More photos after the jump.... 

    “'[it will be] much more food-focused'...(he’s currently interviewing chefs) while at the same time steering clear of $27 entrées. 'I’m trying to make it a little more user-friendly, especially on weeknights,' he tells us. That’ll mean adding six more beer lines, another bar (the room will now feel more like two), and a 25-person community table. The focus of the menu, Martignetti is thinking, will be a prix fixe that allows you to get a great hangar steak and a choice of salad and/or fries, for a reasonable price (additional portions will cost extra). Changes to the restaurant will be significant (for one, the front door will move to the corner), but it’s expected to reopen in two weeks.

    Is BarMart next on Eater's Plywood Report?