Eleven Madison Park Has Reopened To Serve First Responders

by Stephanie Maida · April 3, 2020

    Consistently considered one of the best restaurants in the world, Eleven Madison Park (where a dinner for two could cost up to $1,100) isn't exactly the first place that comes to mind when we think "food commissary." But crazy times call for some majorly charitable measures.

    The very fancy spot, which shut its doors along with the rest of New York City's eateries over two weeks ago, has reopened its revered kitchen for a great cause - but don't expect them to be serving up their usual bite-sized portions over a series of expensive courses.

    Owner Daniel Humm revealed on Instagram this week that his staff will be working to provide meals for those on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, along with those impacted and underserved right now. The restaurant has teamed up with American Express and Rethink Food NYC, a non-profit that upcycles excess food, to deliver about 2,000 meals a day to hospitals and New Yorkers in need.

    "I believe the storm is still coming, and will be for some time, and if we can do just a little something, these dark days can be just a bit brighter," Humm concluded on his IG post, which has already received over 22,500 likes.

    The Make It Nice restaurant group (which EMP is a part of) has also set up a fundraising page for its employees, where they're accepting donations along with bids on coveted experiences, including a private dinner cooked by Humm himself (for $50,000) and reservation at Rao's (which someone has already snagged for $10,000).

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    Turning the lights back on.. I've been struggling with what to do since we closed our doors. All of our worlds have been turned upside down. We need to stay safe, we need to protect each other and the vulnerable. But I need to help New York City--it's given so much to me, even if I can help just a little bit. With our friends at Rethink Food NYC who have partnered with @americanexpress, we found an answer. We are blessed to have a beautiful and spacious restaurant and kitchen, we have a team that is looking to work, to cook; The city needs food to help those in need--Starting today, we have turned Eleven Madison Park into a commissary kitchen with the goal of producing thousands of meals per day for those who are working in the front lines and those who are deeply effected by the current crisis. I believe the storm is still coming, and will be for some time, and if we can do just a little something, these dark days can be just a bit brighter. Thank you to my team, to Rethink, to @americanexpress to support this effort, and to this beautiful city. Please help us keep this going and donate @rethinkfood.nyc #chefsforamerica #makeitnicewithdorindamedley

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