Flavors of Peru Impress New Yorkers

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · November 7, 2008

    [Edgar Perez and his rapt audience. Photos by Max Flatow]

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    On Wednesday night, Edgar Perez and Flavors of Peru presented the Peru Grand Tasting Fall 2008, an event that he hopes will "transform Peruvian dining" for New Yorkers, hosted at El Tequilazo Restaurant. The resaturant was packed with guests looking for the new best thing, including Jennifer Jurmark, Jules Kirby, Kerry Cassidy, Julia Mineeva, Alvaro Martinez-Font, Moises de la Renta, Jeanny Carpio, Kilder Fuentes, Jose Paredes, and Juan Alayo.

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    Guests enjoyed a multi-course tasting paired with wine, Peruvian beer and pisco sour, while watching a fantastic Peruvian dance show. Mr. Perez also introduced Flavors of Peru’s newest cocktail, the PiscObama Sour, a perfectly refreshing take on the traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour. Mr. Perez is taking the Peruvian experience to Boston on November 12th, and Washington DC, on November 19th.