Get Full At Fatty's

by MADDY MADISON · March 11, 2008

    fatty’sFor the number of times I’ve responded to the dinner question with, “I want Fatty’s,” my boyfriend probably thinks I want him to gain a few pounds. This weekend, my brunch palate (a completely different organ) was pretty wowed by an outer borough experience. Fatty’s Café in Astoria has an inviting bar space and even friendlier bartender (imported from Australia and Ireland depending on the day). It’s a fantastically delicious lazy Sunday joint or even a random weeknight go-to spot. The burgers are huge and consistently delectable. If they don’t send you home with a doggie bag, you’ll at least leave with a nagging impulse to smother your next three meals with Fatty’s chipotle mayo. Not even your Apple Jacks are safe.

    I also found that another good option for the indecisive among us is the concoct-your-own-mac-and-cheese section of the menu. All the usual suspects are available with a few interesting add-ins to throw together. But what makes this a solid choice is the freshness, variety, and massive size of the entrees. As far as sides go, the sweet potato fries won’t let you down and will undoubtedly fill you up. Fatty’s is highly recommended especially because the owner just opened up a wine and cheese bar next door. Happy face-stuffing!