Mile End Deli

Mile End

There's no better way to start any day than with a trip to an in-your-face, classic deli. Especially when said is ultra delicious, cool kid favorite, Mile End Deli. All day breakfast, smoked meats and fish up the wazoo, sandwiches that will make you accept the fate of gaining 500 pounds, never being able to leave the house again, and landing yourself on a TLC special, their discerningly hipster culinary takes on New York classics - like the Smoked Duck Grilled Cheese, with maple glaze, cheddar, fried egg and rye toast. And just when we thought they could get no more appealing, this instagram bomb of a photo slapped us in the face. Yes. A 30-layer blini cake. Get the TLC promos ready now.

Mile End Deli, 53 Bond Street

[Photo via @MileEndDeli]

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