How To Say Goodbye

by CLAIRE WILLETT · May 8, 2008

     Home Sweet Home [Image via sweatshop labor]

    Come Memorial weekend, we'll be busting our Lilly-less hides in the Hamptons, but for now this is it, amigos. Tomorrow we'll be back in the suburbs of Boston. Come help us celebrate/morn amongst the stuffed critters of Home Sweet Home tonight at the Common Folk party. The "slap-happy, beer-drinking, opinionated, proactive, bass-bumping and neon t-shirt wearing extravaganza" that is Sweatshop Labor will be spinning, and those who manage to get there before 12 will reap the benefits of free flowing Zygo, that caffeinated, peach-flavored vodka. If you can't make it tonight, we hope to see you on the sand three weeks hence!