I'd Like My Cosmo With Some Mary Jane, Bartender...

by AMANDA MELILLO · February 21, 2008

    MixologyFor those of you alcoholics who find that just regular liquor isn't enough to quench your thirst anymore, I hope you caught the Post's Pulse story today about New York's mixologists "drinking outside the glass" (forgive the wordplay that doesn't quite work.) How, exactly, are they turning happy hour into the "black market" instead of the "meat market?" With absinthe, Havana rum and, my personal favorite for its strangeness and originality, marijuana-infused cocktails.

    While absinthe is now legal this side of the Atlantic now that we Americans have figured out that it IS NOT, in fact, a hallucinogenic, but rather a liquorice-tasting alcohol that makes your face muscles contract once the bitterness hits your taste buds, a Brooklyn-based cocktail historian warns that not everything behind the bar gets the U.S. gold star sticker of approval. (Side note: How do you become a cocktail historian?! Sounds way better than my job.) This includes, of course, Havana rum. Because yes, we're still embargoing everything from Cuba, and you still have to fly there via Canada.

    But this is the one that gets me--marijuana-infused cocktails? Or, in the cocktail connoisseur's parlance, a marijuana tincture? And I always thought the point was to INHALE (thank you, Obama, for bringing this to our attention after years of innocently believing Bill Clinton.) My question is, what bars are getting away with serving those?

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