Is Public Kitchen The Worst New Restaurant In The City?

by Stephanie Maida · October 27, 2017

    With its consistently trendy clientele, bustling nightlife haunts, and $83 margaritas (for four), one would expect Public Hotel's namesake eatery to be a high-end foodie heaven, especially when Jean-Georges Vongerichten heads up the kitchen.

    Unfortunately, however, the much-hyped restaurant seems to fall flat on the taste buds of critics.

    In its recent review of Public Kitchen, Eater shockingly gave the spot ZERO stars. What gives? Writer Ryan Sutton was ruthless, declaring the dining experience akin to "finding coal in one’s stocking." Harsh, but hilariously so.

    As for the Instagram favorite on the menu, Black Truffle Pizza? According to Sutton, "the interior drooped flaccidly. The signature fungi paste, in turn, exhibited the color and texture of wet mud." We have to admit, it's a colorful description.

    Not that this will stop nose-in-air New Yorkers from stopping by, we're sure, but still, it just goes to show that buzz-worthiness hardly ever ensures quality.

    [Photo via Public]