Is This The Most Perfect Breakfast In All Of New York?

by Christie Grimm · August 3, 2018

    Nothing in life can get me hot and bothered like a plate of smoked salmon. And ever since opening up shop inside the interiors boutique dream that is Roman and Williams Guild this past winter, La Mercerie Cafe's picture perfect breakfast has been photographed, Instagrammed and filtered from every which angle. A true money shot. Haunting me, to say the least.

    Months have passed - months with the length of wintry ages - and still, I cannot say I've had the pleasure to encounter this magic moment of housemade smoked salmon, crème fraîche, blinis, and a suggestive, but equally as unobtrusive, lemon wedge. 

    Within the span of about a month, the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ina Garten, Instagrammed this dish twice! And tell me, do you really see all that much of a difference between this photo and this photo? "The most delicious," she calls it! And Ina Garten doesn't mess around.

    I've visited the store, of course. Looking at expensive furniture may be one of my favorite things to do in New York. But getting my tush out of bed, dressed, and down to this supposed "Soho" spot before noon (I'm sorry, but Howard Street is like southern SOUTHERN Soho at the very least), for a spot of breakfast has just not been a reality. 

    So basically, in an effort to manifest the truth I desperately hope to live, while also spreading the word of something that seems too important for people not to know about - I put this feeler out into the universe. And in case this all wasn't clear enough - will someone please just invite me for a breakfast meeting here!?!

    [Photo via La Mercerie Cafe and @loxofbagels]