Katie Couric's Go-To Delivery Order Sounds Amazing

by Christie Grimm · February 24, 2021

    Finding ways to support your local restaurants has never been more important. Winters during normal times are tough enough to make it through - this year, it's been basically impossible!

    Participating in Resy's #TakeOutTuesday initiative, Upper East Sider Katie Couric took to Instagram to reveal her go-to delivery order - and it's surprisingly indulgent!

    It seems the beloved journalist's ideal meal is a multi course situation from downtown's Union Square Cafe.

    First, she'd start off with the Bibb Salad - a classic, respectable appetizer. 

    Next, she'd move on to their 19th Street Burger topped with heritage bacon, Hudson Valley cheddar, herbed aioli, Greenmarket lettuce, Breads Bakery potato roll. Complete of course with Rosemary French Fries, because really, wtf is a burger if you're not taking down a few handfuls of fries on the side?

    Finally, when she's feeling frisky, she'll finish the meal off on a decidedly sweet note with a Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta!

    Don't lie, you know that all sounds annoyingly, ridiculously delicious.

    Curious to try the Katie Special? 

    Happy ordering!

    [Photo via @unionsquarecafe]