Kingswood's Basement: Newest Hot Spot?

by Rachelle Hruska · July 21, 2008

    kingswoodWe were the first to introduce you to what has become one of our favorite restaurants in the city: Kingswood.  And, if you think their parties in the Hamptons are keeping them too busy for business here, think again.  It seems our friends hailing from down under are throwing THE party to be at underground. Urbandaddy reports today about the newest secret hotspot to reach the city: this time in the West Village:

    The official company line is that it's only open for private events (as if that's ever stopped you before), but unofficially the basement has quietly been throwing one hell of a party for those who venture downstairs.

    To get in on the action, enter the unmarked door to the right of the restaurant. (You'll know you're there when you bump into five or six Aussies smoking on the sidewalk.) Descend the narrow stairway and find your way into the dark, inviting bar and adjacent black-boothed lounge, divided by a wall of jars, each holding its own orange betta fish.[UrbanDaddy (subscription required)]

    [Breaking News From Down Under]