Marylou's To Be Resurrected? Ex Club Kids Everywhere Rejoice

by CHRISTINE CHO · June 24, 2008

    The Club Kids, NYCAs a survivor of the 90's club culture, I recently walked by the old Marylou's on West 9th St with a slight cringe. As other former patrons can attest, it was the home of a lot of late night debauchery, so it was great to hear that plans are afoot to bring back the space to its former glory. The word is out that in the coming months life will once again be brought to the historic jaunt. Tamer let's hope!

    Random fact: Marylou's, the Italian restaurant by day/speakeasy by night on was on West Ninth street and was what Jay McInerney based his fictional "Evelyn's" on in his novel "The Good Life".