NYC Restaurants That Should Offer Neigborhood Discounts

by Rachelle Hruska · February 4, 2010

    @lifevicarious: Hotel Griffou gives 15% off check to Q 9th St residents. (Or anyone w/secret pw). Any other block associations get these kind of discounts?

    Great question Adam! We don't have a full list for you, but we can offer up suggestions of places in NYC that SHOULD offer their neighbors discounts:

    The Jane Ballroom: An obvious. If the Jane started offering guaranteed admittance to it's neighbors, maybe they wouldn't have shut the place down because of noise violations? True, they don't seem like the group of people that loves to party on velvet sofas, but we also wouldn't write them off so quickly.  The rumors of a reopening of the Ballroom (the front in bar of the hotel is still open) are rampant - expect some buzz during fashion week. This could be the perfect time to make those Jane street residents feel fashionable enough to keep their mouths shut during the weeknights.

    The ACE Hotel: I have only been to this place once. Twice if you count an "attempted meeting" yesterday afternoon. The place was so over run with nondescripts that we had to relocate. Seriously who are these people that are going to ACE?! I thought there would be social media week nerds there, meeting up for a happy hour drink on hump day. But literally both times I've been here it's been nothing but transplants.  From L.A.? Who knows, but if I lived on this block, I would want a discount at the bar. Not that I would revel in delight at being there, but it's not like there's another watering hole on the block to drink at.

    Gemma at the Bowery Hotel. Okay Gemma's food isn't great, especially since they took the Gnocchi off the menu and they only have squash ravioli on nights that the chef is in the mood. (That being said, the focaccia robiola pizza is pretty great). So, why do I constantly find myself at this spot on the Bowery. I like it's ambiance sure, but mostly because it's just EASY. It's big enough of a place that they can usually accommodate you on the spot. And, I've learned that visitors to NYC always seem to think it's a "gem." Heh. Why not? But Bowery residents (like me) should be given a discount. Especially because they actually carded me at the bar not once but twice.

    Pure Food and Wine. This raw/vegan restaurant in the heart of Gramercy has a loyal following of healthy foodies. So, if you MUST try the raw diet for a bit, you should at least try and get a semi decent tasting meal in right? That is the idea. Also, the people that stand behind this healthy raw/vegan food thing are always so friendly and spirited. There's camaraderie and sharing to be had. Also, the bill. Eating vegan pizza may be lighter on your thighs, but it's heavier on your wallet. Add their other joint, One Lucky Duck in while you're at it, it's where the models go to "eat."

    Momofuku Noodle Bar. Instead giving the residents on First Avenue between 10th and 11th a discount, Momofuku should just reward its die hard fans that feel the need to tweet and foursquare their location EVERY time they go here (@lock, I'm looking at you). You food bloggers love you some Korean styled fried chicken.

    Blue Ribbon. Speaking of Fried Chicken, Blue Ribbon should give a discount to @Questlove (if they don't already). I can't count the number of times I've seen this guy devouring the delicious meal at my good old standby on one hand. Which means, if you do the math, the probability that he's eaten this meal at least 20 times this year alone is high. Also, anyone that visits the place from more than 3,000 miles away JUST for the fried chicken (dad), should get a discount.

    Indochine. Indochine should do the reverse neighborhood program. By that, I mean that this place should give anyone traveling over 60 blocks a discount. They may not make ends meet if they did this though. Seriously, this restaurant that redefined what it meant to eat out in NYC has been around for decades, and while it's loyal following hails from all over, it is not rare to see a socialite or two from the UES use this place as an excuse to come downtown for the night.

    50 Commerce. Because of the unique location of this restaurant on my favorite block of the city, and because the residents living on said block can lament with the owner over the rent, they should get a discount.


    Freemans. If anyone happens to live in the alleyway that marks the entrance here, give them a discount. They've had to put up with a lot. Histpers, faux-hipsters, tourists trying to be hip, and hipsters not wanting to be called hipsters. I mean really, just give them a free meal for being unfortunate enough to have you open in their hood.


    Felix's. Felix, you have done a great job containing in the gel-ed out Euros and wanna be Euros for us, and for that, we thank you. Also, we would like for you to show your appreciation to the ring leaders that continue to bring their packs to you on Sat/Sun brunches (and out of our neighborhoods). Give Sebastian and Felipe a bottle of Dom on the house ok?

    Raouls. If you have ever walked in here and ordered the bar steak, only to then have been denied the bar steak because you weren't actually sitting at the bar, you should get a discount on your meal. End of story.


    Lil Frankies. This place in the East village has a cult following equivalent to that of the Rocky Horror Picture show. It is one of those metrics that I use when I meet someone new to get an idea of what I'm working with. Lil Frankies isn't just a restaurant , it's a lifestyle. And, it's cult followers should get something to show for their loyalty.

    Have a restaurant to add?

    Know of a place that ALREADY gives discounts to its block? Let us know in the comments!