Pomodoro Introduces Daring New "Pizzaria" Concept To East Village

by BILLY GRAY · May 6, 2010

    EV Grieve notes the opening of Pomodoro pizza on 2nd Avenue today. And while the joint skipped the balloons and American flag banners to denote its grand opening, the unfortunate misspelling of pizzeria wasn't the best alternative. But at least the newcomer sticks out!

    Remember the scene at the end of Boogie Nights when T.T. Rodriguez (Luis Guzman) realizes with horror that his brothers fudged their own last name and unveiled a sign for Rodriquez nightclub?

    No? Well, this comes close. Unfortunately, no one in the Pomodoro crew seems to have caught the gaff just yet. Maybe the error is intentional, a sly maneuver to distinguish Pomodoro from the crowded East Village pizza market. Just yesterday, Sam Sifton wrote in the Times that Keith McNally's Pulino's, another Italian gumshoe nearby, included the "rare McNally misstep of the blaring neon signs" announcing its status as a pizzeria (spelled properly) and bar.

    The humbler Pomodoro lives up to its simple, bungled premise. And it delivers food to the neighborhood, as per its awning. It just probably wouldn't deliver during a spelling bee.

    Photo via EVGrieve