Pop Burger Popping Up In Midtown

by guestofaguest · November 26, 2007

    pop burger

    [photo from NYMag's Grub St]

    The infamous home of the place that started the mini burger rage in Meatpacking, PopBurger is set to open any day now on 58th between 5th and Madison. All those GM Building workers must be thrilled to have another lunch option. However, we aren't sure that this place will have any of the night crowd following as it's 15th street counterpart. For one, the Warhol-lian themed space with the loud dj's and flashy drinks isn't that fun before 2am, just as the burgers and fries are the BEST food for your drunk tummy only after slimeing it up with the guidos in meatpacking... But the mini burgers and guids were not even our most favorite things about the old location. It was the secret porn playing room hidden behind the black curtain (anyone else remember that?) We aren't even sure if they still have it (doubt it), but it was one of our favorite little secrets of the neighborhood, besides Passerby. Doubting that the new location will house one of these, we don't think they have much to offer us.