Restaurant Legend Le Cirque To Finally Close

by Christie Grimm · October 3, 2017

    'Tis the end of a ricidulously overpriced era. Having lasted forty three years, which is basically a gypsy magic level lifespan in the world of New York restaurants, Le Cirque has finally passed its ninth life. With the last few years having been categorized by a flurry of press pointing to their sexual harassment lawsuits, class-action lawsuits, bankruptcy filings, and not to mention a serious decline in the quality of their reviews, the news that owner Sirio Maccioni would be closing the culinary giant following dinner on New Year’s Eve isn't exactly out of the blue.

    Still, none are completely sure if this is goodbye for good, as it wouldn't be the first time in the restaurant's long history that it found itself relocating. And if there's anything we know about New York, it's that the rent is always too damn high - a reason cited for the closure by the management.

    Ah well, $500 dinners are never worth it anyway, no?

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