Sammy’s Famous Romanian Restaurant

by guestofaguest · June 18, 2007

    What better way to feel like we are back in college than bottles of Kettle One in frozen ice chuncks, greasy food that's absolutely horrible for you, and drunk dancing to a washed out keyboardist?



    While growing up means we have moved up to Belvedere and nights out at venues like The Box and 205, once in awhile it's refreshing to feel young and silly. This is why Sammy's is a great place to visit at least once (but only once) a year.

    Here are what some guests have said about this 31-year old establishment:

    "This is like the after-hours of a Bar Mitzvah gone CRAZY! The place is a "sh*t-hole". Low ceilings filled with 1000s of business cards and photos of wild dinners. It's also in a crappy part of town too. However it's all part of a GREAT experiance."

    "Love the seltzer bottles that squirt out bubblies, the excessive Vodka, and the awkward little makeshift dance floor."

    "All I have to say, although this place is not figure friendly, you must try it, at least once. You have been warned, though, it is addictive and may be harmful to your health! My favorite is the chopped liver with the real chicken fat"

    "Like celebrating your cousin's bar mitzvah with 100 of your closest drunk friends."

    "This place is a heart attack waiting to happen."


    The night becomes blurry...located at 157 Chrystie St., between Delancey and Rivington, this is the perfect cure to your QLC (quarter-life crisis).