The Best Oyster Spot In All Of NYC

by Christie Grimm · March 22, 2018

    Since 1996, the corner of Spring and 6th Avenue has been a seminal stop for all seafood, and more importantly, oyster lovers. With a list of specials so tempting you'll likely forget to look at the rest of the menu, it's Aquagrill's fresh, daily changing range of 25 oyster varieties that make it a true mecca.

    From East Coast to West Coast, big and briny to small and sweet, get comfortable and prepare yourself for a conversation with your waiter in which you'll reach levels of therapeutic honesty with regards to your likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, and preferences. Add in some Maine Jonah Claws and some shrimp cocktail, and personalized plateau will soon be shucked and on its way.

    This decidedly non-Soho, Soho restaurant, decorated with seashell art, and the distinct smell of a raw bar, will not disappoint.

    After all, there's more to life than just Blue Points and Wellfleets. Surely, you'll never order oysters from a restaurant offering only 4 varieties again.

    [Photo via @cc.selina]