The Carbone Team To Open An Even More Exclusive Restaurant

by Christie Grimm · April 21, 2021

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any more exclusive than Carbone...

    Major Food Group, the tasty team behind Carbone, Sadelle’s, Parm, Dirty French and more, has just announced their newest, perhaps most luxurious project to date. Starting this fall, Nets fans with courtside seats will be able to enjoy a private VIP culinary experience like no other at Crown Club.

    Located inside Barclays Center, the sure to be hot spot's menu will feature a rotating list of beloved dishes from across the group’s restaurants - Spicy Rigatoni, anyone? - as well as specials created by guest chefs. And the decor? Well, this is so not your average sports bar. Expect a heavy dose of old New York glamour à la designer Ken Fulk.

    We've got to admit, this could totally make basketball fans out of us, and that's saying a lot!

    [Photo via @majorfoodgroup]