Tiffany & Co. Has Opened A Cafe!

by Christie Grimm · November 8, 2017

    Finally! That 16-year-old, Audrey Hepburn loving girl inside of you can live her truth. Lunch at Bergdorf's, dinner at The Polo Bar? Who needs it?

    Breakfast at Tiffany's is about to become a reality. And we're not talking some sad sidewalk scene of a corner bakery croissant in a paper bag juggled with a to-go cup of coffee.

    Blue Box Café is set to open this Friday on the fourth floor of the iconic Tiffany & Co. flagship store over at 727 Fifth Avenue. Quite fittingly named, the Tiffany teal jewelry box of a spot will be giving the fancy people what they really want - serving up trendy avocado toasts, truffled eggs, smoked salmon bagels and more.

    We had to know something was up when they launched their line of everyday objects "made extraordinary." Alas, a home for those $95 paper cups.

    [Photo via Tiffany & Co.]