Very Berry Takes On Pinkberry

by THERESA WON · July 1, 2008

     It’s officially summer, and if you don’t like Pinkberry, someone somewhere is going to tell you that you’re crazy. They’ll go on about the freshness and toppings, and “Oh, did you try the green tea? That’s why, you have to have the green tea.” It’s not that Pinkberry’s terrible, it’s satisfying which is really all you can ask for with a frozen yogurt place, but they invaded Manhattan and California like Starbucks invaded Seattle (and the world).

    Last August, Very Berry opened on St. Marks Place, and is a really great alternative with only a single location. Their main yogurt is a little bit creamier and has a slightly different berry flavor from Pinkberry's. They also have a more flavor selections, including the not terribly uncommon (but always mind-boggling) cult favorite of red bean ice cream.