Vim and Vigor

by guestofaguest · July 25, 2007


    V&V Energy Drink started because brothers Gordon and Erik Von Broock were sick and tired of not having choices of things to mix with their alcohol, of tasty alternatives to coffee, and of Red Bull.  This is something we have also lamented over for quite some time.  So, after dabbling in fame through Tavern, that delicious night club in the Hamptons that we will always reminisce back fondly on, these guys are out promoting their new line of energy drinks (they recently just introduced a sugar-free/zero calorie version which is actually tasty) and the top restuarant and lounge players are taking notice.  Right now you can find V&V online or at fine establishments in New York and surrounding areas (Hamptons).  Places like Soho House, Nobu, le Bilboquet, and Nello's. 

    von broock brothers

    We are not fans of promoting people we don't like, even if we like their products.  That is why we love V&V.  Not only do we really like this product, we really like these guys.  They are completely self made and have no pretensions about them in real life.  They also got us to go to Tavern on the Green for the first time last night (we usually try to avoid places our parent's ask to be taken to, for purposes of knowing if they are asking to go, it truly is a tourist trap), at a promotional party they threw which was divine. 

    tavern on the green