Wait, WTF Is Eleven Madison Park's 'Vegan Caviar'?

by Christie Grimm · June 23, 2021

    When news broke a month back that celebrated culinary destination Eleven Madison Park would be going completely vegan, people lost their shit in every direction. 

    Some were crazy excited to see what plant-based delicacies Chef Daniel Humm would concoct, some were convinced the new menu would leave diners hungry, and some couldn't believe they'd still be charging $335 per person for the multi-course experience.

    Since re-opening, the three Michelin starred spot has received rave reviews. But one of their dishes in particular is causing quite the stir. Tonburi with Peas and Mint served with Baby Lettuces and Whipped Lemon and Almond Cream.

    Any onlooker would swear the chilled server was filled with caviar, but is it?

    "In Japan tonburi, is an essential ingredient of the Akita Buddhist vegetarian Shojin-ryori cuisine," wrote Daniel Humm on Instagram. "We’re honoring this ingredient on our current menu with gratitude for our friends in Japan who we have collaborated with over the past year."

    For those not in the know, tonburi is a delicate fruit harvested from the summer cypress bush. Often called land caviar or field caviar, tonburi's thin skin is filled with juice and has the same burst-in-your-mouth sensation as its sea-counterpart.

    You into it?

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