by Rachelle Hruska · March 27, 2008

    wakoziNew Yorkers are some of the laziest people I know.  Not when it comes to careers, recreation, or zeitgeiestism, but when it comes to that stuff that anyone can do (the cleaning, organizing, planning), they are the most creative bunch for figuring out ways to get things done for them... which is part of the reason I feel I fit in so well here. I have had loads of great ideas stolen right out from under me(Nike shoes to coordinate with your iPod to manage your workout? Yep that was mine, the bakeries that offer only healthy, low-calorie versions of cookies and cupcakes, mine too, along with the Spas and nail salons in airports which I have now seen, (mine would have been called "Nails on the Fly" and would be a perfect way to spend your time waiting for your layover)....I will even take credit for the wireless service on the subways if and when that actually gets implemented).  The problem with all these "brilliant ideas" of mine is that I'm just too lazy to actualize them.  In fact, most of my ideas stem around things that will help people (including myself) become even MORE lazy.  Which is why, when I found out about Wakozi, the company that works with alcohol stores to deliver wine/beer/liquor to you at all hours wherever you may happen to be in the city, I thought: "Well of course, I've had this idea," and "This is genius, thank god SOMEONE actually got off their ass and did it!"  Thank you Wakozi, thanks for reading my mind, stealing my idea, and doing it before me.  Oh and thanks for the 10% discount!  Isn't this city great?