We ARE The Jetsons

by guestofaguest · January 18, 2008

    sakae sushi

    [Photo from Midtown Lunch]

    Conveyor belt sushi is nothing new...there are hundreds of Sakae Sushi's around the world, and even more copy cats.  You can barely drive down a street in southern Cali without spotting one.  But in New York, although we have the best bagels, pizza, knishes, etc. etc. around, we were lacking in sushi establishments that transport your meals to you off a moving beltway.  There was Genroku that closed uptown, there's that place on 20th and 3rd avenue, and of course the Whole Foods at Bowery, but that's it.  Obviously, we are in love with conveyor-belt sushi, it reminds us of the Jetsons.   So, we are excited that there is a Sakae Sushi opening up today on 43rd between Lexington and 3rd.  For all the details go here.  In our opinion, there's just something wrong with you if you can't manage to get excited about conveyor-belt sushi dining.