What's Jonathan Van Ness's Favorite Dish At Antoni Porowski's New Restaurant?

by Christie Grimm · November 1, 2018

    From the moment the show debuted, it's been beyond obvious that Jonathan is the Marcia Brady of the Queer Eye Bunch. It's all about him. 

    Sure, the others have their moments - but it's Jonathan's world and they're really just living in it.

    So when the human puppy dog that is Antoni Porowski opened his downtown restaurant, Village Den (a place that feels like it's a semi-bougie Sweetgreen), my one thought was obviously, "where does Jonathan stand on all this?"

    Thankfully Delish.com got to the bottom of that, and my sleepless nights can come to an end. In a recent interview with the site, Jonathan revealed, "I have been to the Village Den. I love the gorgeous fish fingers. I know it's like 'fish fingers?' Yes, queen, fish fingers, they are so good. I don't even like fish fingers, but those fish fingers, honey, I cannot stop eating them."

    Only Jonathan could call fish fingers gorgeous. I've never once wanted to eat fish fingers, sticks, or any such variety, and now, I'm borderline considering it.

    And if that quote wasn't enough to tide you over on the sass front, we leave you with this hard hitting news. Jonathan's response upon being asked what food emoji he would be? "I would be a peach, girl."

    Of course he would.

    [Photos via @jvn@villageden]