Why We Love Three Of Cups

by CLAIRE WILLETT · June 17, 2008

    three of cups restaurantBecause it's in Alphabet City, right near Tompkins Square. Because the upstairs is all rustic Italian trattoria, with exposed beams and brick ovens, while the downstairs is a halloween-themed lounge. Because the brick ovens are taken advantage of (try the Bianca pizza with spinach, or the conch crostini). Because the sangria, both red and white, is chock full of fruit, and stored in huge glass jars so the flavors can meld. Because the playlist is heavy on high-quality indie (Spoon, The Shins), and hipster party (Marc Ronson, Cat Power). Because the service is gracious, if less than efficient. Because it's cheap, but doesn't look it.

    Three of Cups is located at 83 First Ave (5th St).

    [Image via NYMag]