Celebrate Spring With This Artist's Chic New Cups At Maman!

by Christie Grimm · March 21, 2019

    March 20th has come and gone, and just like that, we're now fully into spring - no matter what the weather du jour will have you think. The perfect way to celebrate? Why, with a fabulous to-go cup straight from the brilliant sketchbook of Meredith Wing, AKA @MooMooi! Known for her creative blend of food and fashion, her latest collaboration with Maman does not disappoint. 

    "For this MooMooi cup at Maman I wanted to celebrate the first day of spring. Dogs, blooms, ladies dressed in florals and veggies - what could be a better pick me up as the weather warms and we look forward to spring? I had so much fun collaborating with Elisa Marshall and the team at Maman to make this project happen! And when FTD agreed to give out hundred long stemmed white roses to our first customers of the day - I knew it would be a hit!"

    Get yourself over to a Maman location to kick off spring MooMooi style - oh, and don't forget to try out their new coconut rose tea latte!!

    [Photos via @daphneyoureephotography]