A Case For Homeschooling

by guestofaguest · January 9, 2008


    [Photo from FactMonster]

    Talk about hearing something that makes you want to vomit up your lunch, THIS was brought to our attention today.  Apparently the jokes we made about presidential candidate Huckabee denials of Evolution may not have been that funny to some of you.  A poll done by CBS News found that 51% of Americans do NOT believe in Evolution!!  We like to think our readers fall in the more intelligent latter half, but this is still BEYOND disturbing.  Yep, a slight majority of our own fellow citizens believe that God created humans in their present form (30% say humans evolved with God guiding the process, and 15% say that humans evolved without the aid of God).  If this isn't a case for homeschooling, we don't know what is.