2 Things We Wished We Didn’t Care About But We Do…

by guestofaguest · November 21, 2007

    #1: The status of "Lydisco"


    [photo from NY Mag]

    Lydisco is of course, the name given to the union of Lydia Hearst and bad boy Cisco Adler, who over the past months have been bebopping around town proclaiming their love for each other, you remember the post we did on the identical "Warhol-ian" tattoos they branded themselves with?  Well, we heard from our sources that Lydia has been "SOOOO OVER" the dirty Adler and proclaimed so at the opening of the Blue and Cream on Bowery last Friday.  Page Six verified the comment today.  Seems Lydia wanted out of her "slumming-it period".  Love Love Love the new Blue and Cream store that also serves as a space for rotating artworks (on the second day of opening, the 17th, they debuted a landscape photography series by Douglas Friedman that Russell Simmons and Patricia Field attended.  They love our boy Izzy Gold, as well as Unruly Heir, Jenni Kaye, Phillip Lim, L.A.M.B., Cynthia Vincent, Charlotte Ronson, and Tibi just to name a few.

    #2 The Delay of 1Oak:


    We keep wondering when our little "Butterballs" Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva are going to finally open their nightclub 1Oak that is going to "Change the face of nightlife in New York."   Today we find out a little more on what the hold up is.  DailyNews is reporting that the pair has been hit with a $120 million lawsuit by developer Emilio Barletta.  While the case seems pretty loose and unfounded, it still is a roadblock for the two.  Hopefully they can get things sorted out soon.  We are anxious to head to 17th street (the exact location is 453 W. 17th) for parties instead of the shitshow that exists 10 blocks up.

    We don't know why we love hearing about this shit, we just do.