Greaseball Mcgee (GM) drinks carrot juice to sober up

by guestofaguest · November 14, 2007


    Today, we read in Page Six  that our favorite greaseball mcgee Brandon Davis paid a visit on Saturday night to Frederic Fekkai and gave the stylists there quite a challenge.  They were "so appalled by his oily grunginess they donned rubber gloves..Even the shampoo person wore gloves."  Apparently Davis was completely out of it and was sweating profusely (sounds about right). 

    Then, it goes on to report that, with half shut eyes he repeatedly asked them for carrot juice even though they kept telling him they only had oj.  While carrot juice is a great antioxidant, there's only so much it can do...he needs to go get his sweating problem taken care of asap.  This is becoming can't even be within 5 feet of the guy without getting DRENCHED in sweat and grease.  We bet he expected that they would treat him "special" and run out to buy him his own personal carrot juice.  Kudos for the workers at Fekkai for knowing that with hair like that, you don't even deserve the oj!  It's pretty shameful really (not the part about him being fucked up either-it WAS a Saturday night-but the hair...just disgusting!!!)