A Socialite's Christmas

by guestofaguest · December 21, 2007

    Tropical Island Seychelles 

    In case you want to peer into the lives of the Park Avenue socialite jetset this holiday season, or piggyback off their plans, or try to find a sugar momma/daddy to fill your piggybank, Park Avenue Peerage has listed some of their travel itineraries for the upcoming weeks. 

    Destinations include Bridgehampton, Palm Beach, Thailand, and St. Moritz.  Names of travelers include Plum, Winston, Titus, Heathcliff, and Tinsley.  Sounds about as stuffy as a taxidermed Elk's head.  Snooze...

    For the rest of you stuck on the cold, dreary, granite island of Manhattan, don't be filled with anguish.  The grass isn't always greener...right?