"You've Got to Be Choosy"...With Your Men and Your Headwear

by guestofaguest · December 19, 2007

    Arden Wohl

    Arden Wohl may be Gawker's "kind of socialite" because of her love of all things herbal, and she may catch NY Mag's attention because of her candid kiss and tells she gives them (recently dishing that Piper's Zach Braff was a bad kisser, and that she would enjoy a "smooth French kiss" this winter)....but we like her for no other reason than her stellar choice in headwear.

    Arden WohlArden WohlArden WohlArden Wohl

    At that very same party Monday night for fashion magazine Fanzine137 and Rodarte, Leelee Sobieski told NY Mag: "I think you need a lover over the winter because then you can get snowed in." When asked if she had one: "No. You've got to be choosy. Life is too short."

    Amen to that.