Amanda Hearst's Birthday Party At Norwood, By Team Scott

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · January 12, 2009

    Sparrow, Amanda Hearst, Scott Buccheit [Sparrow, Amanda Hearst, Scott Buccheit]

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    Let's start off with a word about the obvious change in the column. Naeem and I broke up. Those of you who are on facebook are probably well aware of the details. For the others, I will be writing the column from now on. I have actually always been the writer for the column, so besides the title there will not be any real changes. I hope the people that enjoyed the column continue to do so and those who hated the column continue as well.

    That being said, Friday night found me attending the always lovely, every gracious, Amanda Hearst's birthday soiree at Norwood.

    Amanda Hearst

    More story and photos below:

    Sparrow, Amanda HearstAmanda and her girls, along with Sparrow, started with dinner at Gusto and then headed to Norwood. Everyone was in great spirits and despite the cold outside, Norwood is always a cozy spot.

    Other helping Amanda celebrate her birthday included: DJ Angelos Styliano, Carrie Baker, Luigi Tadini, Dalia Oberlander, William Heath, newlywed Annie Churchill Albert, and Olympians Tim Morehouse and Jason Rogers. I Look forward to 2009 and will keep you posted on my new single life.