Battle Of The Reality Shows

by Rachelle Hruska · March 25, 2008

    post [Photo via Page Six Magazine]

    Contradicting Nick Denton posted on the Page Six magazine article from Sunday regarding some certain new reality shows that hit close to home. His post yesterday titled: "A Nightmare Becomes Real", started off with:"Hey, check this out for a concept. What if the characters from your nightmares came back as reality show stars, and you were forced to watch, and blog, and watch yourself blogging, forever?" He was, of course referring to the rumored NBC reality show staring Julia Allison and posse (Mary Rambin, Megan Asha). Wait a minute, "the characters from your nightmares?!" Did Nick forget that he was the one that created these "characters"?!


    Page Six is quick to point out the competition these the girls are facing, stemming from that lovely little group of socials that have already started shooting their own reality show on ABC. The "Gawker Girls" (Denton obviously is secretly LOVING all of this) are starting an online business of some sorts, which is what the show is set to be based around. The other show will be following the socials as they attend parties, benefits, and Hampton's bbqs no doubt....which to watch? On the one hand, we have been following that pose of Julia's (right arm side bend) and those Moe Bags from day one (see above photo), on the other hand, we are absolutely obsessed with Laliberte, Devorah Rose, and hot Teddy, and they actually CAME to rock out with us at our last party (see photo above and pictures in our gallery). Of course we will be additively watching both, Denton can bring over the popcorn.

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