Bee Shaffer Takes A New Gig, Says Goodbye To NY

by Mara Siegler · May 17, 2011

    While many in Bee's Shaffer's position as daughter of the most powerful women in the world, Anna Wintour (sorry Oprah), would spend all day trying on designer clothes and flipping through old copies of Vogue, she's been busting her buns as the lowly assistant to College Humor's Ricky van Veen since late 2009. And now, without ever making a goofy video, she's moving onward and upward.

    Bee has moved West with her boyfriend, College Humor's Jake Hurwitz, and taken a job with "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy's production company, reports Gatecrasher. She won't specifically be working for the show, but instead overseeing research for the shows and projects under the company's umbrella, including "Glee Live! 3D!" and a reality show intended to go deep inside the world of modeling.

    Could an Anna cameo be involved? It would be a coup for the network, but the small chance probably had nothing to do with Bea getting the job. At just 23 years old, she could turn out to be the new media version of her mom in a few years.  And if anyone is doing a cameo, we hope Bea has a chance to duet with Lea Michelle.

    [Bee Shaffer Gets A Real Job As An Assistant For Ricky Van Veen Of College Humor, And She's Not Afraid To Do Bitch Work!]