Before They Were Socialites, Part Four

by Chiara Atik · March 25, 2010

    Any guesses as to who this adorable little tyke is? Hint: He throws fits and drinks on a reality show, but insists he, 'like, just desperately wants to be loved.' Surely no one could resist the little guy at left, right?-

    Paul Johnson Calderon used to be adorable, guys! And maybe it's because I was gathering pictures for this post while we were watching High Society in the office, so the monster on TV was juxtaposed with images of a sweet, grinning kid from California, but against all my better judgment, I've started to warm to the guy.

    Was it the hilarious way he ran on the treadmill in last night's episode? The completely random jumpcut to him jetée-ing around a dance room? Or just the fact that some of the other characters on the show are so completely vile ("People call me the SEXY socialite.") that a grown man who begs his mother for money and throws drinks in people's faces is forgiveable?

    Hopefully he does something crazy, scandalous, and despicable soon so we can go back to hating him, and all will be right with the world.

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    So innocent! So adorable!

    *Insert Requisite Joke About How He Still Surrounds Himself With Bitches*

    Giving Jules Kirby a run for her money with this not-quite-culturally-sensitive pic. (Click to enlarge)

    He always had a bit of monster in him...

    Add a drink in his hand and a bowtie, and he pretty much looks like he does today!

    [All photos via Facebook]