Emily, Don't Forget The Essentials!

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · September 18, 2008

    Emily BrillApparently The Eldridge was THE place to be last night.  Or at least Emily Brill aka essentiallyemily.com thought so.  She decided to meet some "friends" at the newest LES hotspot The Eldridge when she encountered gridlock in midtown.  What she left out was that she had quite a bit of trouble getting in.  From a tipster this morning:

    "I saw Emily Brill begging Naeem to get let inside the doors at The Eldridge for over 40 minutes last night.  She kept pleading, making phone calls (presumably to "friends" inside).  He finally let her in I was told, probably because he couldn't stand the pestering  any longer.  When she did finally get in she was drunk as a skunk."

    Looks like Essentially Emily is missing the ESSENTIAL Eldridge entry card, and from the sounds of it, she has just ruined her chances of ever getting one.  What is a socialite to do without her essentials?