Fatima Ptacek: The Nine Year Old New Yorker Who's Better Than You

by SARAH KUNST · May 10, 2010

    Just in case you were feeling pretty accomplished today - Meet Fatima Ptacek, the most talented and well rounded super model in NYC. -


    She rides like Georgina Bloomberg, poses like Hilary Rhoda and is working on her third language (Mandarin, of course). The successful model has introduced the dreaded "slash actress" into her official title, but unlike some other noteworthy super acting train wrecks, she's been on everything from SNL to Sesame Street and will be in an upcoming Catherine Zeta Jones movie. Looks like Serena Bancroft and Rush Manadon have some competition in the coolest kid on the block contest.

    [All photos via FatimaPtacek.com]